Friday, September 14, 2012


       My own personal spiritual journey towards Truth1 actually “started” in my life, when I in my earthly body were very young according to the earthly time calculation. What I means with  that, is that it started even before my “incarnation” into this earth realm at 18th October 1984. As it is written in Ps.139:16 about God, that His eyes saw me already in my mother womb and that into His book was written all days of my life before they came to pass. It means that enough no one of them had not happened yet in natural world still God saw them all because He is living in eternity and there is no time.
       My belief is, that we from our innermost being  are actually eternal spirits, who is sent to that earth realm from the God`s Throne Room as He breaths us out into existence. As there  is written in  Ecclesiates 3:11, that eternity is written into our hearts. Enough my realization of  all began  when I “found” God in my life again in 2002, afte making of salvation prayer and receiving Lord Jesus as my personal Redeemer and Saviour (See Rom 10:9-10), it was already   before it  happened, that I began just felt inwardly that, there is something more than just this earthly life.
      Short version of those writing from my life was born as testimony in 2010 for one mission trip but then Lord awake it up more inside of me and I felt encouraged to write those writings down more deeply. More and more I read, I saw work of God in my life and so from that was born idea to post some of those stories first in this blog for reading.

1See John 14:16

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