Friday, June 6, 2014

Rebuking visiting dead loved one spirit in Jesus name?

Almost one week ago, in Sunday, 1st June  2014 i had privilege to  listen  one christian talk show of certain movement of faith with section with segment of Q& A which had given to me thought for whole week.
 There was someone from Russia,who had send the question  to answer what got my attention. The question was "Can the dead see and hear us? Can we talk to them and have them hear us?"  As i had to translated it into another language to friend next to me when i heard it, I got excited because I had thought how this certain particular movement of God understands about NDEs, the Other side and so on.
Conclusion of the answer based upon Father Abraham words in Parable of Rich man and poor Lazarus in Luke 16:27 was something like this: "you cannot talk to the dead, but you can talk to familiar spirits. The same demons that fell and that Jesus cast out are still around today, they do not reproduce, and they have been around for generations and generations. You are not permitted to talk to the dead nor are they permitted to talk to you. Jesus came back from the dead to talk to us. And save us."
Now first,  i do not consider myself as member of that movement or follower of that particular man of God, I was like what?! It was like cold shower to what I maybe had thought what he might answer. And also I want to say here, I still consider myself as born again spirit filled christian who  have BA in theology and also have personal  experience NDEs and for personal research have read different books by people whom Lord had showed Heaven and all its courts and also different kinds of NDEs descriptions. Enough Lord had helped me to understand some of the things of spiritual realms I do not know all of it yet but yes honestly such kind of black and white understanding of spiritual realm/the Other side  was bit disappointing to me.
When I was thinking of my reaction to that  I discovered that the thing to what  I got really angry about  is this theological understanding in charismatic circles of faith which sort of  denies that option that God can let those ones from Other side to contact with us here on earth.I have not acknowledges it before that I have had been angry over it.
During this time of 11years of being born again christian i know also that I have done sort mistakes concerning spiritual realm. For example,  i got reminded how I as young christian - 10 months saved wanted to follow  blindly introductions of what had taught to me about spiritual realm at that time.
I remember as after my mom had passed away, my dad said to me that he had seen  sort of chose of my mom spirit walking in our home and how then I prayed in Jesus name and rebuked that spirit believing that it is somekind of familiar spirit and not spirit of my mom who had came to say good bye. I remember also that I prayed sort of protection over my dad as he was not really believer.
Now when i think back  about it, i feel sorry about it, that i let myself see so black and white because those things there in spiritual realm are not so black and white. Actually already then God   began  to bring more understand about it on my way - for example when I read James Goll's Seer book where he describe in that book how God let him to meet with his passed away godly father.
Also I have had some supernatural experiences where I had felt like I need to pray for certain person who had just passed away and also I had opponity to say to goodbye to my spiritual father after when he had left from this earth.
So as born again spirit filled christian who had researched near-death experiences i want to say that spiritual realm, the Other side where our loved ones go after death of  their physical body is not so black and white as we as humans might like to say that it might be. It is more complex thing of which Bible gives only clues. For example, in Heb 12:1 is described about cloud of witnesses, those saints whom had arrived to the Home, into Heaven where our spirits originally come from. In the book of Revelation is described heavenly Throne room in Ch 4 for example.
And also i think that it is not always necessary just rebuke in Jesus name  some passed away loved one when he or she decides to come to say good bye to us before final leaving into Other side. First thing when such visitation happens is to remain calm and then ask guidance of Holy Spirit. And then go on from there.