Saturday, September 15, 2012

My earthly half brother encourages me.

This  memory from my  eternal existence, what I am going to share with you in this post comes from the time when I actually wasn`t yet incarnated(1) into flesh of my psychical body.
Somewhere in midst of  my journey of faith  with the Lord,  after having experiencing God giving visions  to me and  when I noticed more details like unfolding later in my earthly mind, I began to understood that   my spirit  being - my real self- could  remember  much more from those visions,  to where Lord had taken me several times in as He had wanted to do it.  So I believe that my spirit being could remember more that my mind can comprehend or realize  about of  my pre-existence state in Heaven.  I noticed also that usually it took time when my earthly  mind could crasp those things and  also all of  this memory  what i am going to soon share and what  took place in heavenly realm before my decision to incarnate according to earthly time frame somewhere in  beginning of  year of 1984 which is my earthly birth year. Lord had not revealed full earthly date of this experience to me but I myself that thought that as I was born in October then my earthly body should conceived somewhere in January 1984. 
As it had unfolded piece by piece under leading spirit of God of Almighty then I do not know yet fully all of those details of  why  just this experience He had chosen to bring into my rememberance but somehow just this memory from that time in this heavenly realm  is remained  so clearly  into my mind too like it had happened yesterday.

  It started from there that I realized that  I as spiritual being, was in Heaven and I noticed that I was  looking down to the earth  from Tribune of Ecclestical cloud (See Heb 12:1) where I was standing. Different authors had compared this place with symbol of Amphy theatre but it reminded rather some balcony which is builded out from side of Rock. 
Then I understood that  I had given the opportunity to  look upon the one couple, who will become in future  my  mom and dad and  somehow this opportunity had given to me  for multiple of times before also and now there was again time when I was looking at them. 
But  I clearly  remember that feeling of how I was still doubting in making incarnation to the Earth. In my mind I was thinking,  do I have  to do it and do I  really want to incarnate into the earth and just into that family.  Yes somehow I was excited to go there and somehow I had  a wish to try it but still it seemed all  to be complicated. 
 For  that moment of looking there,   I had  already got  knew and seen, what had happened to that baby ( my earthly half brother who encouraged me), who had been in body of my future mom several years before that time when  my earthly birth will take place. Somehow already in there, in that spiritual realm I had gotten knew that the reason why my mom decided to abort that baby, was her uncertain issues with her living place.  She were living in her aunt`s place and she was afraid of kicked out because of keeping the baby and also because of her bad financial state at that time.
In my mind, I knew  for sure that that I didn`t wanted to risk with that same thing will happen with me too.  I was already there in Heavenly realm this kind of person, who was  wanting  that things might be organized and made perfectly.

I don`t remember exact moment of  how I got know  in Heavenly realm that boy who was  my aborted earthly half brother. I quess that while he   came back to Heaven, soon after that I had privileged to get know him or it might happen also after that when I had given  opportunity to see this family. I would like to call him Martin.

At  one of those doubting reflecting times,  when I had again   looked my future mom and dad and  little bit worrying in my mind   about my birthing into this world as I had  been  afraid of got aborted too as my aborted earthly half brother.   I do not know how it exactly is but   in heaven realm your thoughts can have seen to other saints around you.Also there is possible to talk thru thoughts as additional to talk with words.
So at that moment  Martin came to me and said :” Sissy, Don`t worry!  It will not happen with you as it happened with me.”  and thru that saying, he gave to me  somekind of understanding in thought level that Our Creator of Heaven and Earth, Father God Almighty have  already all under His control.  Actually then, when Martin called me according to that earthly way  sissy ( short version of word sister) sounded to me very strange but I knew that it have to get familiar to me.
And in reality  I didn`t knew that,  how he knew that but I quess that he know about it because of eternal wisdom what was already taught by angels to him. Aborted babies are taken under care of Our Father God and they are grow up by angels who also teach them what they need to know according to the their mature level. As  it is said in book of Jeremiah in Bible that " He knows the plans that He have for us" (Jer 29:11) so He knows also what all those aborted little ones needs.

 But   those words of encouragement helped me a lot.  Actually  they gave to me  boldness to make this little bit hard  decision. This decision to incarnate was hard because it means to me that,  I as spiritual being  had leave from the safety of  Heavenly Realms for some time ( in Heaven realm the measurement of time is different from earthly understanding of time), ie I had to leave from my real Home for some time – and to incarnate into this earth and get captured into earthly body.  But yes I took that risk and it was worth for that.   
   Now, you may think in your mind  that how I remember those things so deeply.  Lord started to bring it back from my spirit into my mind step by step using different means for that. Some part of that memory what I shared with you before, came to  my physical mind,  while I was reading one of the David Seamands books Putting down childish things, where he talks about pre-birth experiences.
But more of  it raised up after one very strange prayer of one young man of God, who prayed over me at 28th April 2011 this way: More pressure God, more innermost pressure from the deepest part, from the destiny that You  spoke, Father.  Father I ask You that You bring  forth the whisper when you whispered their destiny before they were born into the air. I speak out that this innermost pressure of the deepest parts of Your people. Father that whispering of Your voice in Heaven where You said that now I want that  she will come and he will come and this person will come called by name. Father, this destiny that You had wombed into them, I speak out that this whispering  becomes now a call.
When I heard him mentioning that thing of how Lord had called persons by their name, it brought back to my mind  details of that story of  how Lord started lead me into this earth by saying to the my mom`s midwife that He wants me to remain live. 

At that prayer time actually,   when this young man of God was  praying over  me  those words, what happened with me was  quite interesting. In that meeting  I was standing, but when he came to me and  touched my right hand, what I had layed on my belly, firstly I fell on the chair behind me. Then he put  his hand on my right  hand again and then I felt  soft and lovely  but  also deep lightning pierced me from up to down.
It was very strange  spiritual experience but at same time good experience and after that came more and more clearly into my mind those things concerning my birth and how hand of God had been behind that what you may read in future.

1. Incarnate ie coming into flesh. We are spirit being who "come into flesh" when our physical body starts to develop in our earthly mom`s body.

Friday, September 14, 2012


       My own personal spiritual journey towards Truth1 actually “started” in my life, when I in my earthly body were very young according to the earthly time calculation. What I means with  that, is that it started even before my “incarnation” into this earth realm at 18th October 1984. As it is written in Ps.139:16 about God, that His eyes saw me already in my mother womb and that into His book was written all days of my life before they came to pass. It means that enough no one of them had not happened yet in natural world still God saw them all because He is living in eternity and there is no time.
       My belief is, that we from our innermost being  are actually eternal spirits, who is sent to that earth realm from the God`s Throne Room as He breaths us out into existence. As there  is written in  Ecclesiates 3:11, that eternity is written into our hearts. Enough my realization of  all began  when I “found” God in my life again in 2002, afte making of salvation prayer and receiving Lord Jesus as my personal Redeemer and Saviour (See Rom 10:9-10), it was already   before it  happened, that I began just felt inwardly that, there is something more than just this earthly life.
      Short version of those writing from my life was born as testimony in 2010 for one mission trip but then Lord awake it up more inside of me and I felt encouraged to write those writings down more deeply. More and more I read, I saw work of God in my life and so from that was born idea to post some of those stories first in this blog for reading.

1See John 14:16