Sunday, December 2, 2012

First earthly realm encounter with angelic

   From the time, when I  was in age of six month[1]   my earthly  mom told to me one story what had happened to me.  For that time  she had been married with my earthly dad for 1,5 years and they had    living  at  little bachelor apartment  of my earthly dad in second floor of  three floor  one family house what belonged to  my dad`s mother. 
  So in that apartment, in  biblical meaning in “upper room” (See Acts 2:1-4) one time my mom  had   been  placed  me  into bed and I had looked up  towards ceiling of the room and begin to laugh.  First I thought that it was like that this   when child in  baby age sees something  and starts to laugh. But  my earthly mom said to me, while  she was talking to me this story, that  she didn`t understood what I  was looking up  there  because in naturally, there was not anything to look after. Later she said that maybe it was somekind of play of light on wooded ceiling.

  Enough I heard this story from my mom  some years ago, I had been acting like Mary, mother of Jesus,  “who remember  all  stories what was talked about his son in his mind and pondered about them” (See Luke 2:19) and kept all it in my mind for that time when God will help me to understand of them and put the puzzle of my  life  together

So for now, after having been getting connected with  prophetic teachings for while, with help of my heavenly Helper[2] I learned little bit understand   about prophetic situations. And  I believe that Lord had given to me prophetic insight or understanding, what took place in this situation.    
One prophet said in one of his teachings that lightings can be angels and angels can make play of light.  I started  to laugh  when I saw that at that time, because my spirit in that child body was remembering the angelic play of lights already  from Heaven when I had been There as spiritual being.

[1] I suppose that it might happen in 1985 month March- April, maybe in Passover season. 
[2] Under heavenly Helper I mean Holy Spirit. The Bible describes Holy Spirit, Third person of the Godhead as Helper. See John 14:26